Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Planet Inaction

Planet Action, the 'eco-reality' series in which I was a participant, has been screened around the world: in Europe, in Asia, in Australia and Latin America. It seems viewers in the United States may not be so lucky. A source informs me that executives at Animal Planet US are hesitating to broadcast the series because it is "too intelligent and too slow". Though Animal Planet commissioned the series on the understanding that it would be about conservation, it seems that subject is just too "worthy" to merit a screening.

There is a chance the series may yet make it on TV in the US - though it will be heavily truncated, or else farmed out to another, less lucrative channel. I will update as I learn more. It is a bitter disappointment to those of us who made the series. The WWF does vital work to save species from extinction - including the one known as homo sapiens sapiens.

If only we had wrestled more crocodiles...


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