Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reading in the Hope Valley

This May, I will be hosting a five-day retreat in the Peak District.

The retreat is for readers and/or writers interested in contemporary literary responses to the natural world in all its threatened wonder. Here's what it says on the website of the hosts, the Quaker Community in Bamford.

7-12 May. Ecological reading and writing

How does contemporary literature engage with the natural world - and our troubled place in it? A five-day retreat combining reading, nature walks and (for creative writers) writing classes; with Quaker novelist Gregory Norminton. £240

I'm thrilled to be hosting this retreat. I have taught two similar weeks for the Arvon Foundation at Moniack Mhor creative writing centre. The retreat will consist of group readings (texts to be confirmed shortly - though it won't be essential to have read any books before attending) and discussions, as well as classes and one-on-one tutorials for those who are interested in writing. There will also be nature walks in the community's woodland (created from scratch since 1988) and in the hills around Ladybower reservoir. Those who want to can join the community in worship, although this is entirely optional. The retreat does, however, offer a rare opportunity to experience and contribute to community living. Evenings will be for relaxation and entertainment.

The community can be reached by train (Bamford station is ten minutes away on foot) or by bus via Sheffield.

The price above includes board and lodging.

Emma and I have been involved with the Quaker Community ever since it began its reinvention in 2010. It's a wonderful project and we're keen to alert everyone who might find it and its goals sympathetic about the frequent opportunities to stay there, in beautiful countryside, and contribute to the development of the community.

If you would like to come on the retreat, please contact the community by email retreats@quakercommunity.org.uk, or by calling 01433 650085. You can also leave a comment on this blog and I will respond to any questions as soon as possible.


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