Saturday, November 18, 2006

'Apocalypse now? We'll talk about it later'

So the latest round of intergovernmental wrangling on climate change has come to absolutely nothing in Nairobi. Vast amounts of CO2 have been pumped into the atmosphere to get environment ministers to the Kenyan capital - only for them to agree to get together again in 2008.

Meanwhile Australia suffers a 'once-in-a-thousand-year' drought; eastern Africa is parched then disastrously flooded; what's left of Sumatra's rainforests are difting in smoke over Singapore and Kuala Lumpur; the American southwest is drying up; the icecaps are melting... the list of present, let alone future, disasters just gets worse and worse.

The present generation of 'statesmen' are criminally lacking in courage, will and principle.

We've got George W. Bush in Washington, who has presided over the destruction of a great American city (New Orleans) and refuses even to acknowledge the cause of the disaster. Until last week's Democrat takeover of Congress, the chair of the Senate Environment Committee was Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma, who has called global warming 'the greatest hoax ever perpretated on the American people'.

We've got John Howard of Australia, who gurns with mock sympathy at the plight of farmers driven to suicide by his country's drought, yet refuses to sign Kyoto, continues to fund massive levels of industrial pollution (per capita, Australians are the second most environmentally destructive people on Earth), and wages all-out-war on environmental groups that attempt to draw attention to the crisis.

We've got the supposedly enlightened European Union, which last month revealed that only TWO member countries are on target to achieve its (woefully inadequate) emissions targets.

Meanwhile, we've got China and India pushing to industrialise at breakneck speed... and a developing world whose development is held hostage to the greed and inaction of the industrialised world.

Sorry: there isn't a silver lining here. The present generation of politicians, in failing to get a grip on global warming, are at best allowing the present and future deaths of millions of human beings. Those - and they are still numerous - who continue to use perverted science to deny the reality of the crisis, must be considered actively culpable in the disaster.

The evidence is irrefutable: ECOCIDE IS GENOCIDE.

The men who run the world are genocidal criminals.


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Dear Gregory,
You are completely right and you know an awful lot about the subject. Would you help Mark Watson?
Best wishes,

Alex Bonham

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