Thursday, March 29, 2007

HOT (Tony Bl)AIR

Is the government's talk on the environment just a lot of hot air? The answer, depressingly, seems to be 'yes'.

Provisional figures published by Defra today show that UK CO2 emissions in 2006 were 1.2% higher than a year earlier. They were also 2.7% above 1997 levels: the year when Labour came into power.

In ten years, Tony Blair has achieved f*** all on global warming, even though he considers it the greatest threat to mankind. But it's hardly surprising, given that the government has done almost nothing to tackle emissions. Efforts to secure energy efficiency have been almost non-existent; road emissions are soaring as we drive more and do so in ever larger cars; air travel increases, helped by tax breaks worth £9 billion annually: dozens of times more money than goes into all 'green' initiatives combined.

I'm sick to death of Labour's bullshit on climate change. It's all pie tomorrow: a Climate Change Bill that sets targets for emission cuts decades hence - when today's politicians are long gone and unanswerable for their failures. We cannot continue to pass the buck to future generations. It's our job, now, to avert the worst of climate change. The means to do so already exist, but the will just isn't there.


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