Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A fool's hope

After writing about the coming horrors of global warming, I looked about the web for evidence that, despite its narrow-mindedness, our species might be capable of saving itself. This is the battle of our time and its warriors are geek and mild. And no, that isn't a spelling mistake.

See here:

and here:

also here:

and, while you're at it, here:

Summarising the fear, frustration and anger I so often feel, I came across this from Dr Lara Hansen of the WWF:

"The irritating thing is that we have all the tools at hand to limit climate change and save the world from the worst impacts," says Dr Lara Hansen, Chief Scientist of WWF's Global Climate Change Programme. "The IPCC makes it clear that there is a window of opportunity but that it's closing fast. The world needs to use its collective brains to think ahead for the next ten years and work together to prevent this crisis."

"It becomes an economic as much as an ethical priority to defend what remains of nature on this planet -mangroves and coral reefs protect coasts, forests protect watersheds," adds Hansen. "Our societies are dependent upon nature, yet we have undermined it for centuries. Now, with climate change, we are attacking the very basis of the natural world - putting us all at risk."


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